Agents of Change

We are here to empower youth to drive a new Era of Entrepreneurship development, Growth and productivity. we create the connecting bridge between Global and local leaders with the youths of Africans. We organise entrepreneurship/youth Programs that educate, inspire the youth.

Why Join This Cause

Give Youths the opportunity to stand the chance of succeeding in the society. In doing this, the future prosperity of nations is secured because these are the people that are, and will take care of many offices and functions in the country. When we empower Young people, the society becomes a good place for all to live.

Get Involved

Join us in impacting lives around africa by giving- at any amount -to improve the lives of Africa's Young People. Your donations are aligned with the mission of the Movement. Grants made possible by you are guilded by the movement's program startegies and are directed to projects where additional funding can accelerate progress on issues concerning young people around Africa.
At Heal the World Movement , We strive to inspire people to take action to change the world. Be a part of Touching lives by giving Non-perishable Food Stuff, Clothing Materials to Young people around Africa.
Heal the World Movement welcomes the support of organizations and individual in form of expertise in their respective fields. Our activities neccessitate physical items as well as infomation and cordination to operate across Africa. We welcome your support in the form of the service or product you provide. For more details on what we need, Please contact us directly.
HTWM honors the intentions of generous donors, and the work of the Movements Grantees and Partners, to help people around Africa live healthy, productive lives. While we prefer and actively encourage donors to give directly to our grantees, each year we receive unsolicited donations from people who trust the movement and care about the Same issues we do. You can learn more about making a contribution, Planned gift, or bequest here or by contacting us at


Before I came to Heal the World Movement, I was lost in a world of sin. Even though I had accepted christ when I was 17, I ended up going back to my old lifestyle,hanging out with the wrong crowd, and partying. I was lying and stealing and hurting the people I cared most about. My life was spinning out of control and I needed help. I often dreamed of living a better life; one day I walked to Shop-rite thinking "I need to do something with my life". While there, I saw a "Hope flyer" with the info about Heal the World Movement. I came to the Discovery Santuary and found that better life in christ. The journey hasn't always been easy, but it has been worth it.
Being a part of the Youth Ministry enables me to become a better version of myself. I cdo see myself becoming a great leader someday. Thank you Heal the world Movement for making this possible.
I joined the movement with a desire to live a better life. After a program on entreprenuership at the Discovery Center, I decided to start a Music Ministry. I spoke to the Management of the Youth Empowerment initiative and they assisted me in all neccessary requirements. Now, I am doing well in my Music and getting more opportunities. Thanks to the Founders and partners of Heal the World Movement.