From care to career.

Heal the World Movement established the School-Life Scholarship with the aim of contributing to Africa's Long-term development by empowering a generation of future leaders. Our Primary aim is to enable young people who have been in care to access and succeed in higher education: From care to career. Our students receive comprehensive supports through out their studies and the means to effect changes in their environment and be agents of positive change.

Why Join This Cause

By Supporting this Cause, You leave a legacy in Africa. Education makes a huge difference to people's lives. A scholarship is a gift with great impact that will resonate into the future and for many of our Partners the ability to help individuals to achieve their potential is a very rewarding experience.

Get Involved

This means of donation enables organizations and individuals to directly donate to the tuition of the HTWM School-life Scholarship initiative. A major expenditure for the Program is the tuition of each student. Your donations are fundamental to the longevity of the Scholarship initiative and are an opportunity to leave a lasting imoact on the life of a future leader.
We welcome donations from companies and employees who wish to make a collective donation to HTWM, either as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) campaign or simply philanthropy.
HTWM honors the intentions of generous donors, and the work of the Movements Grantees and Partners, to help people around Africa live healthy, productive lives. While we prefer and actively encourage donors to give directly to our grantees, each year we receive unsolicited donations from people who trust the movement and care about the Same issues we do. You can learn more about making a contribution, Planned gift, or bequest here or by contacting us at


I am an orphan and life has been quite tough. Growing up was with pain and after my secondary school, I had no green light of a better life to continue my education. I came in contact with Heal The World Movement and my entire life turn around for good. And right now, I’m a Student of the University of Lagos, Nigeria.
As an orphan, I grew up in an orphanage home and considering the number of chilren in the home. Going through school for quality education was quite a burden for our guidance. And at the junction of the thought of giving up on education and going for vocational training, Heal The World Movement came to my rescue. And today, through the movement scholarship, I’m done with my primary school and now in secondary school.
I Was Working As A Dry Cleaner From House To House, Just To Survive. The Hope Of Furthering My Education Was Gone. My Dad and Mum Could Not Help, No Means And No Help, But When I Came In Contact With Heal The World Movement in the Year 2013, Hope Was Restored. Now, a Student: Moshood Abiola Polythenic. Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria