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We work with partners organizations to help solve Africa's most challenging problems.

Some of our best resources in the fight against extreme poverty , educational inequality are the individuals who take action in their own communities. Our programs helps communities and organizations join in our effort to improve the lives of people around Africa.

Heal the world Movement Philanthrophy Partners

Heal the world Philanthrophy partners provides individuals with a streamlined, transparent way to support grantees and programs of the Movement that are improving the lives of the people-all while leveraging the movement's resources, experience and partnerships.


Join us in impacting lives around africa by giving- at any amount -to improve the lives of africa's Under-privileged. Your donations are aligned with the mission of the Movement. Grants made possible by you are guided by the movement's program strategies are directed to projects where additional funding can accelerate progress on issues for people around Africa.
At Heal the World Movement , We strive to inspire people to take action to change the world. Be a part of Touching lives by giving Non-perishable Food Stuff, Clothing Materials to the Widows, Aged and Under-priviledged.
Heal the World Movement welcomes the support of organizations and individual in form of expertise in their respective fields. Our activities neccessitate physical items as well as infomation and cordination to operate across Africa. We welcome your support in the form of the service or product you provide. For more details on what we need, Please contact us directly.
HTWM honors the intentions of generous donors, and the work of the Movements Grantees and Partners, to help people around Africa live healthy, productive lives. While we prefer and actively encourage donors to give directly to our grantees, each year we receive unsolicited donations from people who trust the movement and care about the Same issues we do. You can learn more about making a contribution, Planned gift, or bequest here or by contacting us at

Partners Speaks

I dont live in a perfect world, and there is never going to be a perfect time to give-but there are always people out there in need of help. Wheather interest rates are rising, the economy is in doldrums, or even if I am experiencing financial difficulties of my own, the reality is that when I donate, I help others in more difficult situations than I am. In this I experience more pleasure coupled with inspired ability to solve my difficulties quickly.
When I donate money to Heal The world Movement, I create opportunities to meet people who believe in the same cause that inspires me; Hence making a real impact. This infuses my everday life with more meaning. When I get stuck in a rut, whether personally or professionally, sometimes the simple act of donating does do a trick and reinvigorate my life.
When I set a scheduled N200,000 scholarship donation every year for Heal the world Movement, that motivates me to be more attentive to my own finances in an effort to ensure I don't default or fall behind in my coming year donations. Anything that makes me to pay closer attention to my bank account is a good thing, especially when it helps those in need.