All lives matters

Our goal here, is to pursue and ensure spiritual growth among women of all ages and background through prayers and sound Biblical teacing and principles. A wholistic approach in mentoring, equipping and restoring women that is spirit, soul and body. We organize Empowerment sesions relating to leadership, home building, education, business career and professionalism, community outreaches that focuses on social engagements, nation building initiatives and economic development.

Why Join This Cause

Your support would give women the resources they need to make meaningful and lasting change in their lives, their families and communities. Your support would transform the lives of women years ahead.

Get Involved

Join us in impacting lives around Africa by giving- at any amount -to improve the lives of Women across Africa. Your donations are aligned with the mission of the Movement. Grants made possible by you are guilded by the movement's program startegies and are directed to projects where additional funding can accelerate progress on issues Concerning Women around Africa.
At Heal the World Movement , We strive to inspire people to take action to change the world. Be a part of Touching lives by giving Non-perishable Food Stuff, Clothing Materials to women across Africa.
Heal the World Movement welcomes the support of organizations and individual in form of expertise in their respective fields. Our activities neccessitate physical items as well as infomation and cordination to operate across Africa. We welcome your support in the form of the service or product you provide. For more details on what we need, Please contact us directly.
HTWM honors the intentions of generous donors, and the work of the Movements Grantees and Partners, to help people around Africa live healthy, productive lives. While we prefer and actively encourage donors to give directly to our grantees, each year we receive unsolicited donations from people who trust the movement and care about the Same issues we do. You can learn more about making a contribution, Planned gift, or bequest here or by contacting us at info@healtheworldmovementng.org


After 14 years of being saved and faithfully serving the lord, I felts "Stuck". I was getting no where spiritually and physically and it was affecting my everyday life and those around me. As I attended a women's event, I found a single flyer(yes, I now believe it was there just for me) an invitation to an event "Break The Limit". I felt a stir in my spirit and decided to check it out. as I attended, the lord started speaking to me, Guilding me through past hurts and pain, freeing me from fears, healing me and securing me in his love. I'm so grateful to God first and foremost and for the women that were brave enough to share their story and testimony and are there to truly support me. I have gained my freedom and true Friendship through this group. God Bless the Movement for what they do.
I was having serious issues in my home which alomost destroyed my marriage. I met with Pastor Wumi Olukilede for counselling and directions. To God be the Glory, I have peace in my home.
I am a Young woman who just ended an eight-year relationship and was depending on my family to be my support. I came in contact with the Women Suport Ministry and they did a wonderful job of creating a warm, caring space for me to process my emotions and work through my issues. They helped me experience God in times when I wonder- Is God really there?